Emmanuel USA

Ministering to the total person

Welcome to Emmanuel USA

We're not your ordinary church, we're an extraordinary human service organization!

Emmanuel USA is a human service organization ministering to the relational, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of local residents without discrimination (Luke 10:27). We provide opportunities for spiritual growth and service to God through loving our neighbor 

(Luke 4:8, 10:27; Matt. 22:36-40).

Worship & Spiritual Growth

Church of Emmanuel (USA)

...because God is with you!

- Matt. 1:23

One church serving multiple locations, the Church of Emmanuel (USA) is part of a reformation that began in Phoenix, Arizona, calling the Pentecostal/ Charismatic family of churches in the United States and around the world back to its Wesleyan roots.

True to John and Charles Wesley's lasting legacy, Emmanuelite Methodists value faith in action, ecclesiastical unity and theological diversity while holding to the historic creeds of the ancient church. As a confessional body of believers, Emmanuelite Methodists open their hearts to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Arizona Locations

California Locations

Administrative Offices

2338 W. Royal Palm Rd., Ste. J

Phoenix, AZ 85021

M-F 9AM - 5PM

Worship Center

5248 San Bernardo Terrace

San Diego, CA 92114

Sundays @ 10:00 AM

Fellowship of Emmanuel (USA)

Our ministerial fellowship is open to Pentecostal/Charismatic clergy and those called by God...

...More coming soon.

Bounds Theological Institute

Formation through Education, Power through Prayer

"...Until Christ be formed in you." - Gal. 4:19

That's our mission at Bounds Theological Institute! Whether you are the person standing at a pulpit or sitting in a pew, Bounds Theological exists to equip the saints for ministries of leadership in church and society.

...More coming soon.

Service & Mission

Haitian Outreach Mission & Employment Services (HOMES)

HOMES is a ministry offering pastoral care and other sacerdotal services to immigrant populations in the Southeastern San Diego community.

The Not Without Honor Project

"God is with us all, but especially with the poor" - Rev. Abe Parker,

in an interview with Scott Pasmore of Good Morning Arizona.

The Not Without Honor Project is a social justice ministry of the Church of Emmanuel (USA), seeking to establish small, intimate and stable faith-based housing communities for homeless veterans in Phoenix, Arizona and soon across the United States of America.

Here's How You Can Help...

Immediate Openinings

Click here for volunteer and paid positions within our organization and work.